Halloween reproductions of LeeAnn Kress

Welcome to the world of LeeAnn Kress and her incredible designs.

LeeAnn is an artist and designer who creates some of the most unique and fun pieces for Halloween, Christmas and just about any time of the year your heart desires.

She is a licensed designer for Bethany Lowe Designs and I am offering for sale the fine reproductions of LeeAnn's Orignal.

You will not be disappoint as these are truly special and will fit into any home.

Hurry before they sell out.......


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Animal Skelly Ornament Holding Moon
Animal Skelly Ornament Holding Moon The is a reproduction of an original design by Lee Ann Kr..
Animal Skelly with Bat Wings
Animal Skelly Ornament Holding Skull with Bat Wings The is a reproduction of an original desi..
Animal Skelly with Candy Corn
Animal Skelly Ornament Holding Candy Corn The is a reproduction of an original design by Lee ..
Beguiling Bernard
Beguiling Bernard is an original design by LeeAnn Kress. This incredible Halloween origin..
Dexter the Hexter
Dexter the Hexter designed by LeeAnn Kress This adorable and original design has been rep..
Scaredy Ghost
Scaredy Ghost What is this little guy up to and why is he carrying a light in his hand? S..
Skeleton Wand
Skeleton Wand This beautiful and fun Halloween piece is design by LeeAnn Kress of Charmed Con..
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