Matt the Mummy Original

Matt the Mummy Original
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Matt the Mummy

is an original character from The Villages of Halloween  County and is handcrafted and designed by C.R. McClenning Studio.

Matt the Mummy is a 10 year old resident at Halloween County and is dress as a mummy while he is out trick or treating.  Matt is second guessing his idea of taking a short cut through the pumpkin patch and hearing something scaring him.  It does not take l long for Matt to get out of the pumpkin patch.

Matt is handcrafted out of paperclay.  He measures approx, 8" tall by 8" wide.  His detailing is amazing and the piece is designed to look like it came from the past.  The pumpkin head and candle flame eyes is a trademark of C. R. McClenning Studio and really makes him something special.  He carries his lantern and trick or treat bag to make his costume complete.  He is crackled and aged to bring out his old world charm.

He is signed, date, 1/1 and USA/ESC by the artist.

If you would like to buy wholesale the reproductions of this character to resell in your store or website, please email me at

All characters from The Villages of Halloween County are protected by the Copyright Laws of America.

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