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The Chasmacian Crafter and The Dorothy Mae Candle Co. 1916
works hard to bring you new and exciting decor for your home and office.  Almost all of the products are handcrafted with a very few exceptions.
When individuals handcraft products it is impossible to repeat the look exactly whether comparing it to a picture or another of a similiar product.
We custom color our light bulbs therefore, bulb color may vary slightly from one order to the other.  As with the dolls and such, our staining and aging process results will depend on the person aging it and the material being used.
This individual differences does not take away from the product, but gives it their own character and charm. 
Pcitures are taken of the products to give the customer a look at what they are buying and not exactly what they are buying. 
When it comes to candle fragrances, one company may differ from another company.  We will use the same company for that particular fragrance, but it may smell different from what you have smelled before from another candle company.  For example, not all bear claw fragrances will smell the same from different suppliers.  We recommend you purchase a tart if you would like to get an idea of what are  fragrances smell like before buying a larger product made with that fragrance.
When it comes to handcrafted products, accept the differences because these difference make it yours and only yours.
Contact us with any questions before ordering.
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