Mad Pharmacist

Mad Pharmacist
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The Mad Pharmacist


The Mad Pharmacist is a new addition to the Villages  of Halloween County.

He owns and operates Pumpkin Seed Pharmacy in the Village.

This guy is quite the character and provides a needed service to the people of Halloween County.

Although he might look mad, he is quite sane and is mixing up a remedy for one of his customers.

He is dress in his long straight jacket attire with his apron. The glasses on his head are for protection and his hair is trendy in the Halloween County.

He is  hand painted in the colors of Halloween and a vintage look is obvious.  From his candle flame eyes to his pumpkin shoes, he is ready to decorate your home for Halloween.  All characters from the Villages of Halloween County are design to work together to create something special in your home.

He stands 10" tall and 4" wide at his widest point.

He is design by C.R. McClenning Studio and has been reproduce out of resin and hand painted to bring out his old world charm.

He comes sign by the designer and dated.  This is the only place you can purchase this guy that is signed and dated.....

If you have any questions, please contact me before purchasing.


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