Silicone Light Bulbs Value Packs

Silicone Bulb Value Pack

This section is dedicated to certain styles of my handcrafted silicone light bulbs which I have added into a incredible money saving package.

They may be overstocked or not  so popular,  or I just might be in a good mood and offer these at an incredible money saving package.

Whatever  the situation might be, they are all good quality handcrafted silicone bulbs.

These are already at a discounted price, so no further discount will be allowed.

No Exceptions.......

If you buy it from The Chasmacian Crafter, you know you are getting something special.



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Pastel Colored Silicone Light Bulb (Value Pack)
The Pastel Colored Silicone light bulb value pack  is handcrafted by The Chasmacian Crafter ..
Red, White and Blue silicone light bulb Value Pack
This assortement of handcrafted silicone light bulbs is handcrafted at The Chasmacian Crafter. ..
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