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There could be a chance certain flavors are sold out before they are marked sold out. If this should happen, you will be notified and you can choose another flavor or your money will be refunded.

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Irish Cream.... Savor the spirits of Ireland with smooth, creamy notes.

Toasted Praline..... Sweet notes of toasted pecans, sugar and cream come together in this Sountern-inspired treat.

Hawaiian Hazelnut..... Hazelnut coffee with just the right amount of coconut.

Hero's Blend.....  A perfect blend of colombian and costa Rican beans, roasted with pride in honor of our nations bravest heroes.  A portion of the proceeds for every bag sold will be donated to Operation Not Alone.

Peanut Butter Crunch..... An enticing flavor of melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookies.

Jamacican Me Crazy.....  Vibrant and smooth with notes of rum and vanilla.

Turtles in a Cup.....  Decadent and smooth with notes of soft caramel, toasted pecans and rich chocloate.

Heavenly Caramel.....  Rich and smooth with notes of caramel flavor so decadent- its heavenly.

Door County Christmas.....  Christmas in a Cup  a classic holiday blend of cinnamon and spice.

White Christmas.....  Very Vanilla   The sweet flavors of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Gingerbread Spice Latte.....Merry & Spice  Your favorite holiday cookie in a mug.

Candy Cane.....  Purely Peppermint  A cup full of peppermint candy cane goodness.

Spicy Nutcracker.....  A Holiday Tradition  Sweet flavors of roasted nuts coated with cinnamon, rum and a hint of molasses.

Cinnamon Hazelnut.....  Mellow and smooth with  notes of cinnamon hazelnut coffee cake.

Country Morning Blend.....  Signature blend!  Colombian and Sumatra with great body and aroma.

Caramel Latte.....  Coffee infused with the flavors of caramel and white chocolate.

Door County Maple.....  Savor the classic taste of maple in every cup.

Frosting on the Cake.....  Coffee infused with the flavor of frosting just before you put it on the cake!

Bourbon Vanilla Cream.....  Fresh whipped cream, infused with sweet vanilla bean and laced with bourbon flavoring.!

Sinful Delight.....  A chocolate lover's dream!  Chocolate, vanilla, caramel and nuts.

Chocolate Caramel Truffle.....  Dark chocolate with hints of sweet caramel make this coffee a dessert in a cup!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.....  The fresh taste of raspberries covered in dark chocolate.

Breakfast Blend.....  A perfect blend of Colombian and Costa Rican beans craft this smooth bodied and mellow coffee-the go-to for your every morning routine.

German Chocolate Cake.....  Decadent aroma with the taste of rich chocolate and coconut.

Pecan Cinnamon Ice Cream.....  Smooth and nutty, with a hint of cinnamon, mixed in your favorite vanilla ice cream!

Mocha Mint.....  Decadent dark chocolate with a hint of refreshing mint.

Lighthouse Blend.....  Signature blend!  Dark roast of Guatemalan & Sumatran beans.

Cherry Creme.....  The perfect blend of sweet cherries with creamy notes!

Vanilla Creme Brulee.....  Soft and sweet with flavors of vanilla custard and caramelized sugar!

Vanilla Cappuccino.....  The taste of extreme cream and vanilla.

Frosted CInnamon Buns.....  Flavorful and smooth with notes of freshly baked cinnamon buns.

Sunrise Roast.....  Our lightest roast- Colombian beans, artisan roasted-creates this smooth and mildy acidic coffee.

Brownie Batter.....  Chocolately-Deliciousness!  Smooth & delicious like rich, chocolatey brownie batter!

Bourbon Barrel Pound Cake.....  Sweet buttery taste of homemade pound cake drizzled with barrel aged bourbon flavoring.

Caramel Pecan Scones.....  Coffee flavored with caramell and pecans, drizzled with brown sugar icing.!

Almond Toffee.....  Sweet and savory with notes of roasted almonds and mouth drooling, buttery toffee.





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Door County Coffee
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