Peeking Santa Face Decoration

Peeking Santa Face Decoration
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This original creation is the pride of The Chasmacian Crafter. 

He is a lifesize face of the man himself, Santa Claus!  He is constructed of sculpted nylon.  His striking brown eyes are visible behind his round golden  glasses.  His beard is hand cleaned and deorderized sheeps wool which is hand pieced to create this one of a kind christmas decoration.  Along side of his face are his white gloved hands.  His red velvet hat is constructed here at the factory and finished off with white fur and a gold/white strip for decorations.  Nestle in the fur of his hat are red berries.  He measures 20" wide from finger tips to finger tips.  His head measures 16" from the top of his hat to the end of his beard. 

On the back of his head is a hook, where you can hang him in the middle of a artificial wreath or a tree.....he is called the Peeking Santa Claus Decoration because he peeks through your wreath or peeks out of your tree.....he is for indoor use only.  He is a very popular item, so get him early. Only so many of these will be made this year.  A quality product produced by The Chasmacian Crafter.

This creation was designed by C.R. McClenning Studio and is available at The Chasmacian Crafter.

This is also sold as a pattern on this website.

The design is Copyrighted 2015



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