Chester the Chick silicone light bulb

Chester the Chick silicone light bulb
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Chester the Chick is an original design by The Chasmacian Crafter.

Chester is hand dipped and handcrafted to bring out his charm.

He comes slightly scented to add a little something special to his already adorable appeal.

Chester is created using a 4 watt night light bulb and will work in any night light needing a little something extra.

He is adorable whether he is lit or just sitting there.

Whether you are primitive, country or somewhere inbetween, I know you will love my handcrafted silicone light bulb

When using in a nightlight, there is a chance the bulb will not face straight ahead.  This is because all sockets are not the same and it is impossible for me to time the threads to all sockets manufactured.



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