Silicone Light Bulbs


All products are created with quality materiials

The light bulbs used in the silicone light bulbs are top qaulity and we understand there could be a bad bulb.  

All silicone light bulbs are check before shipped out...  If you should encounter a bulb that should blow out within 30 days, we will refund your money.  We will NOT ship out a  new bulb....

The bulbs if left on 24/7 should last for a least a year.  We are told the bulbs burn out from being turned on and off which has a wear and tear on the filiment.


Please keep in mind we do not make the actual bulb.  We just create the design on the outside of the bulb.




My handcrafted silicone light bulbs have proven to be a favorite.

 All the bulbs are handcrafted right here at The Chasmacian Crafter Holiday Factory.

*Bulbs are not dipped to touch the metal piece, this can prohibit the light from screwing in all the way to light*

The bulbs are created using a 4 watt bulb and they are hand dipped and handcrafted to create something special for your home or office.

My bulbs work perfect in a night light or any socket that will accommadate a candelabra style bulb.

Our bulbs are lightly scent so when they warm up, they give off a light fragrance as you walk by.

Due to color differences in monitors, colors may vary slightly when you receive them.

Stock up on these wonderful creations.

Whether you are primitive, country or somewhere inbetween, I know you will find something to make your home special.

When using in a nightlight, there is a chance the bulb will not face straight ahead.  This is because all sockets are not the same and it is impossible for me to time the threads to all sockets manufactured.



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